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Executive Summary 3
Mission Statement 3
Organizational Structure 4
Program of Services 5
Program One Current Planning 5
Services 5
Service level Objectives 6
Service Level Measures 7
Departmental Strategies 7
Citywide Goal 7
Future Outlook 8
Program Two Long Range Planning 8
Services 8
Service level Objectives 8
Service Level Measures 11
Departmental Strategies 11
Citywide Goal 11
Future Outlook 12
Funding Needs 12
Staffing 12
Operations & Maintenance 13
Capital 13
Key Issues 13
Departmental Analysis Appendix A

planning Department
2009/10 Business Plan

Executive Summary

Both the Current Planning (Development Review) and Long Range Planning (Comprehensive Planning) programs relate directly to the
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Service level Objectives

These services are delivered in response to citizen, property owner, and developer questions and applications. These services are conducted largely in the Current Planning program, which is staffed by two planners. The Planner II devotes about 80% and the Assistant Director devotes 60% of work time to these services. One long range planner (not in this program - in Long Range Planning) also conducts many of these reviews (about 40% of work time allocated). A second long range planner (not in this program) occasionally conducts casework (about 15% of work time). The Program also includes two full time Development Coordinators. These positions provide full time support to planning, engineering, and building as well as an interdepartmental reviewing team (Development Review Committee). The Planner II also serves as the City’s Land Manager, devoting roughly 5% of work time to this function. The Director of Planning devotes about 50% of time providing direction, oversight, and interdepartmental coordination on a weekly basis. Normal working hours where this service is provided is Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with weekly night meetings. Most of the service is provided at City Hall with occasional off-site meetings at other City facilities or with customers. Work also involves site visits and inspections.

Service Level Measures

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