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Thursday, 4th November 2010 ASSIGNMENT

Marketing Plan
BSBMKG514A Implement and Monitor Marketing activities
BSBMKG507B Interpret market trends and Developments

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Bernadette Moawad, Marcus Hardy and Joel Dobbie.
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1 Executive summary page 3

2 Situation analysis page 4 3.1 Market summary page 4-5 3.2 Swot Analysis page 5 3.3 Strategies page 6 3.4 Tactics page 7-8

3 Marketing Strategies page 9 4.5 Mission page 9 4.6 Marketing Objectives page 9
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3.2 SWOT ANALYSIS | POSITIVES | NEGATIVES | INTERNAL | Strengths * Good Return on investment * Have Great pricing strategies * Are constantly competing for the highest market share. * Just Built a factory in Soreno * Have the best quality and the newest model all the time * Highest Profit margin | Weaknesses * Not a Good enough return on investment * Not constantly the market leaders * Not having the highest improvement percentage * Losing Staff | EXTERNAL | Opportunities * To be the market leaders (no apparent market leader) * To have the highest market share * To make the most money in our factory as opposed to Company 2. * Technological advances * Training * Research and development | Threats * Company 2 have a factory * Company 2 are at rivalry with us for market share * Losing Staff * Other companies having a newer model then us! * Pricing Strategies * Promotion strategies |

CEO: Bernadette Moawad
INVESTMENT: Marcus Hardy

2.3 Strategies
Our 4 prime strategies relate directly to maintaining our status as a market leader and driving force for relative pricing and sales force management and application. Burst of rapid expansion (factories) will be executed in key points at year 5 & 6 so that infrastructure is in place to saturate the market place. Building in Sereno should be considered first follow by areas 1 & 2 respectively.
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