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Sampling Case Studies

Case Study 1 on Sampling
Sampling Hispanic Adults by Telephone1
Problem: Researchers wanted to determine how aware adult Hispanics in the San Francisco area are of product warning messages and signs concerning cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and other consumer products. The researchers needed to contact a sample of them to interview.
A Solution: “Respondents were sampled using…random digit dialing. This procedure…avoids the use of directories with their inherent problem of the exclusion of unlisted numbers while guaranteeing equal probability of selection for all telephone numbers. Such an approach has been used in a number of telephone surveys with Hispanics and has been shown to be not only feasible but
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Are you surprised by the “unquestioning attitudes toward name traditions”? Why or why not?
1 Source/ reference: Twenge, J.M. (1997). “Mrs. his name”: Women’s preferences for married names. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 21, 417-429.
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Case Study 3 on Sampling
Using Quota Sampling1
Problem: Professors with limited resources usually find it difficult to obtain adequate samples of the general adult population for their research. Instead, many study samples of college students, who are readily available, even though there is no reason to believe that samples of college students are representative of the national population of adults. (Of course, often professors are interested in the behavior of college students only, in which case, using college students is not a problem.)
A Solution: “In order to reach a wide range of people, the data were collected using a purposive, quota design. Students enrolled in a research methods class…were given course credit for collecting the data for this study. These research assistants were…instructed to recruit adults (not college students) that they knew in six age and gender quotas (male and female: 18-34, 35-49, and 50 and older) to complete questionnaires. Because the students were given their assignment
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