Sampling and Data Collection in Research Paper

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Sampling and Data Collection in Research Paper BSHS 435 Roxanne January 12, 2015 Heather Suggs Sampling and Data Collection in Research Paper Research is essential to improve the effectiveness of the delivery of human services and to further the education of human service professionals. Research allows human service professionals to understand and apply what was learned in research to better assisting clients to accomplish their objectives and goals. There are different ways to conduct research in human services. I will be discussing two ways to conduct research which are sampling and data collection. I will discuss the purpose of sampling and data collection and how it relates to human service. Sampling Sampling is one way to…show more content…
Another kind of sampling researchers can use is the non-probability sampling. Non-probability sampling, the researcher is unable to identify the population elements that can include in the sampling (Monette el al., 2011). There are five methods used in non-probability sampling which are Availability sampling, Snowball sampling, Quota sampling, Purposive sampling, and Dimensional sampling. An example of non-probability sampling can be conducted if a research is being done about veterans who suffer from PTSD and wants a specific answer. This research can be time consuming to conduct on all veterans who suffer from PTSD so instead research can be conducted on individuals. If a person wants to know more about veterans who suffer from PTSD because of personal trauma rather than PTSD from deployments, non-probability sampling can be conducted. Data Collection There are various methods on how you can gather data for a particular research. However, these methods are distinct from one another and are different on the levels of measurement. By using the nominal measures, you can perceive the data into mutually, exclusively, and exhaustive group. These data usually is the representation of the variables like gender, race, religion and political affiliations. In order to conduct data collection, we can categorize the data using a number to them. There are various techniques to measure a particular
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