Essay about Sampling and Work Study

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1. Statistical Literacy: You are conducting a study of students doing work-study jobs on your campus. Among the questions on the survey instrument are:
A. How many hours are you scheduled to work each week? Answer to the nearest hour.
Answer: Hours would vary due to it being a work study. My guess would be that the hours would be after school hours. 18-25 hours per week
B. How applicable is this work experience to your future employment goals?
Answer: These answers would vary also because my assumptions that the work study would be somewhat helpful for future employment.
Respond using the following scale: 1. not at all, 2 somewhat, 3 very
(a) Suppose you take random samples from the following groups: freshmen, sophomores,
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What is the level of the measurement?
Answer: The Variable in this question is both qualitative and quantitative. The reason it is both is because we are evaluating apparent qualities. The reason it is quantitative is because I would also be measuring how effective and or useful work study is for the students.
(e) Is the proportion of responses “3 very” to question B a statistic or a parameter?
Answer: Question B would be a parameter, because the group of people that I am gather information from will be small groups. Usually parameters have the smaller groups. These groups are normally small enough to measure.

(f) Suppose only 40% of the students you selected for the sample respond. What is the nonresponse rate? Do you think the nonresponse rate might introduce bias into the study? Explain.
Answer: If that were to occur then I would just have to work with what I received. Also the nonresponsive rate would have to be included. The nonresponsive rate would be the other 60%. Unless there are other factors involved such as bias. Yes, because the number of responses on a Likert scale may force responses that do not reflect the respondent’s feelings or experience.
(g) Would it be appropriate to generalize the results of your study to all work study students in the nation? Explain.
Answer: No, because not all work study over the nation. So that would be a rather hard comparison.
2. Radio Talk Show: Sample Bias a radio talk show host
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