Sampling the Parolee Population

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Who did you sample and why? Did you note any problems with this technique? I sampled parolees. I chose this population since I have had experience with some parolees in the past and have read a lot on this population. The only problems I had with this technique were that I realized that my experience is vicarious; I could not identify with them totally. Surveying anyone entails interpreting their response through my own experiences. My own experiences, on the other hand, have been so different than those of the participants that I was concerned that I may be inaccurately interpreting their response. There is also interviewer bias and even though I did not have bias towards my respondents, I was unsure whether any felt bias towards me a White Caucasian who had never been incriminated and whether this may have influenced their responses. What survey questioner method(s) did you use? Was it/where they the best choice? I happened to know two parolees. I asked them to put me in touch with 3 others. I convened a focus group in a public library where I asked them questions and discussed in free-interview way. This was the best since we all had limited time; I wanted to make them feel comfortable; I did not want to give the impression that I was coming 'on top' nor being in a dominant position particularly due to my race and academic qualifications. I wanted to show them that I was truly interested in their experiences, and I, therefore, felt that this way would be the

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