Sam's Fallen In The Hobbit

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Sam on the other hand, is more important than just a “stepping stone” (Feathers 9). Although Sam didn’t physically destroy the ring, his actions leading up to the Ring falling with Gollum was imperative to its destruction and the end of the quest. Frodo and Sam come to the last stage of their journey. They are at the bottom of mount doom and Frodo has become too weak to make it up the mountain. Sam sees his master struggling and makes the choice to carry Frodo up the rest of the way, even if it “breaks his back” (Tolkien, Return of the King 233). He knows he can’t carry the Ring itself to its destruction, but he can carry Frodo so he can destroy it. Gollum tries to attack Sam and Frodo, but when Sam is given the chance to kill him, but he sympathizes
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