Samsung : A Good Choice For The World's Economy

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Introduction With the rapid development of the world, many companies have appeared and play the important role in the world’s economy. Asia is the region that considered to have many potentials. It is because of the famous four dragons: Singapore, South Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan that their economy developed in the short time and became the leading countries in Asia. It is so special and unusual to have such that rocket acceleration. Hence, knowing the reasons for their amazing development is an essential thing for managers to learn how to develop their companies in the best way. In this case, Samsung would be a good choice for the analysation. Samsung is one of the big companies in Asia, which has a great influence all over the world. Samsung produces many different product types, but the most outstanding is the smartphone products – the current domination in the smart phone market (about 33%) (Levram, 2013). Associated with the support of Porter’s diamond, this essay would provide the best ideas of how Samsung managed their operations to target the goals effectively. Porter’s diamond framework and the competitiveness between firms As the world is changing everyday, companies must have their own plans and strategies to be sustainable development. Due to the high competition between companies, it is vital to understand the firm’s current situation to create the perfect plan for the future growth. According to Smit’s paper (2010) Porter’s diamond is an excellent tool for

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