Samsung Brand Audit

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Samsung cares about people. Samsung makes life easier. Samsung creates cool technologies.

Samsung has a very long history dating back to the 1940s. . Firstly, Samsung Store was founded by Lee Byung Chull in 1938 as a small company. This is the beginning point of a worldwide known brand, Samsung. Korean War is the turning point for this small company. After the war, Samsung Company was developed in many different fields and this brought prosperity. During its history, Samsung was supported by many people and associations and sometimes by government. The regime of the years between
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The product categories of Samsung are as follows:

• Mobile phones

• Tablets

• TV/Audio/Video

• Camera

• Home Appliances

• PC/Peripherals

• Memory cards

• Washing Machines

Brand Associations

KEY INSIGHT – Innovation with value

Analysing the brand associations collated, it was observed that most of the consumer insights were touching upon the following dimensions of the brand: innovation, market leadership, design, performance, reliability and affordability. After many deliberations the group arrived at Innovation with Value as the key insight. The “value” factor adds significance to the innovation by creating solutions for the consumer and sales and revenue for the company. The key insight is validated even when tested with Brand Key elements as it goes hand in hand with the Brand Essence.

1. Competitive Environment

2. Target

3. Consumer Insights

4. Benefits

5. Values and Personality

6. Reasons to believe

7. Discriminator

8. Brand essence

Customer Knowledge
Samsung have always been able to address the need of its customer/follower by introducing new innovative products to their customers which fully satisfied their customers.

Mental Mapping

By analyzing the mental map

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