Samsung Case Study

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1. Identify and discuss the core marketing concepts that Samsung has adopted to shift its competitive edge.

✓ Need, Wants, and Demands

Samsung always try to develop products that fit their customers’ lifestyle by studying their tastes. Samsung focus finding out what’s likely to sell before consumers even know they want it.

✓ Target Market, Positioning, and Segmentation

Samsung focus on design, as they want to be the Marcedes of home electronics. Samsung concentrate less on cost saving and more on coming up with unique products.

✓ Offering and Brands

Electronics, Good Design, Unique, Affordable Price

✓ Value and Satisfaction

Samsung is very committed to research as they listen to the feedback on their new
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✓ From the Product concept, to the Marketing concept

Samsung has to be careful when it’s too in focus in making superior products and improving them over time, and instead Samsung has to always refer to the customers’ needs and wants.

✓ Ethical issue

Look at the ethical issues that the other companies have, learn on the causes and effects, and implement the solution to prevent them. The ethical issues can be in term of environmental issue, business issue or human issue (consumer or
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