Samsung Competitive Advantage

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Further development of the enterprise depends on way it performs under outer factors of the market. Regarding Porter’s model of business competition forces, the company’s position is analyzed throughout five aspects (Mind Tools Editor Team, 2016). There is a significant threat of the new competitions as this company is not the only retailer company in the world of electronics and gadgets. Buyer's’ behavior defines the future effectiveness of the company as it mostly depends on the way representatives of the target market are ready to buy top-notch products by Apple and Samsung. On this level of business performance, individual success of the company is closely connected with the way these companies present themselves and their products on the market. At the same time, the position of the enterprise’s suppliers is vital as they define the competitiveness and variety of goods to present to the customers. Finally, the competitiveness between the existing members of the market my significantly influences the GWEL’s performance throughout the first several years. Apparently, the GWEL expects to invest a significant amount of income into further development of the company for the following five years concerning strong positions of the competitors on the market. To get a competitive advantage, the GWEL has a developed approach towards each of the five aspects. The enterprise defines it activity through analysis of the competitors and their paradigms of market behavior to outline
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