Samsung Corpotate Strategy

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Samsung Company Overview Samsung Company is a world leader in digital technology innovation. Samsung believes in innovation and continue to look after the new technology to grow their business. I believed that company wanted to build a market in which customers are more loyal to the Samsung brand and trust in the name of Samsung. “SAMSUNG is dedicated to devel-oping innovative technologies and efficient processes that create new markets, enrich people 's lives, and continue to make Samsung a digital leader” Samsung accomplished its success through the strategy of how to manage creativity, partnership with venders, and talent. Samsung is not only expanding…show more content…
The brand name competitors of the Samsung are LG, SK, Matsushitsa, Micron, Sony, Apple, Kyobo Life Insurance, Meiji Life Insurance, Sumitomo Life Insurance, Hp, Dell. SWOT analysis of Samsung Strengths • Electronics Product line and investment in other industries such as life insurance and biotech etc. • Heavy investment into R&D and marketing strategies. Company has more than one dozen R&D centers around the world and its 138000 R&D team members are working hard for the company’s success. • Leader in electronics especially in cell phone and more or less 60 other products. For example DVD, Ac, LCD, and Refrigerators etc. • Supplier of HD, DRAM, SDRAM, Memory Sticks, and semiconductors. • Decision making process of the company. • Samsung provide better guarantee and service than its competitors. Weakness • Some of the Samsung products are not user friendly. This factor is keeping Samsung behind in the Global electronics market. For instance there are many draw back in digital camera Samsung S860. First of all the lens of this camera turn off automatically after 30 seconds. • Company invested too much into the R&D but need to spend on marketing. • Competitors spent on advertisement heavily but Samsung can’t explain introduce its products via advertisements. • Need to improve the battery life of many of its products. Opportunities • Globally the demands for electronics are increasing quickly. In the

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