Samsung Electronics: A Case Study Of Samsung Electronics

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Our chosen company is Samsung Electronics, a subsidiary of Samsung Group, the world and one of Korea's largest consumer electronics and electronic components manufacturer, the world's largest intellectual mobile phone maker, is also one of the highest global revenues electronics industry companies.Their headquarter is at Suwon, Gyeonggi Province,South Korea. In 2013, Global 2000 Forbes magazine published by the American company, Samsung Electronics ranked the world's No. 20. Samsung also was named the magazine world's most valuable brand 9th strong, as the highest ranking Asian brands. Since 2012, the chairman is Lee Kun-hee and the vice chairman isLee Jae-yong . Their main competitor in mobile phone industry is Apple, HTC, Sony , LG and Nokia.…show more content…
Samsung announced to build a global super brand, brand with "to be the leader of the digital technology, high value and fashion" and other new elements, change the brand image in the eyes of consumers. From strategy to reposition the brand has become Samsung's business operations, "the central idea."
In addition, samsung's very closely the product and brand strategy, samsung to strengthen the adjustment of the product line of samsung brand connotation. Although samsung product line is still very wide, but the product connotation is the dominant image is bright, samsung brand map in many consumers are also quietly changing, and the commercial operations to form a powerful driving force.
Another Revelations of the samsung brand strategy is to build a brand requires patience and long-term investment. When samsung super creating a global brand, not many people like it in the year 2007. The Asian financial crisis makes it almost on the verge of bankruptcy, and investing in brand samsung effect has not been revealed in the year 2000. But samsung still stick to the original brand strategy, finally mend fruit after a few
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