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Samsung Electronics 1. Introduction: With the introduction of new Chinese competitors in the DRAM market it is necessary for Samung to access their strategy for the future. Looking at past trends in the DRAM market, current market situation, and projections for the Flash market, the best option for Samsung is to focus their efforts on growing the Flash technology, while maintaining their DRAM output. This is the best course of action because Samsung’s customer loyalty will carry their market share in the DRAM market, while they are focusing on establishing this type of dominance in the Flash market. 2. Problem Statement: Memory industry is…show more content…
In the next section we will analyze the level of competition within memory industry based on Porter’s model, Samsung's competitive advantage and its sustainability considering the current market situation. 3. Analysis: Considering Porter’s model as a framework to analyze the level of competition within DRAM memory business, the threat of new entrant is high compared to the threat of substitutes and established rivals in horizontal competition. If we look at rivalry within the DRAM industry between established players, Samsung has a clear advantage over its competitors. Samsung is the market leader in DRAM memory business. It has a wide range of products and its products has a higher brand value. Threat of new entrants is high as Chinese competitors have easier access to large pool of local engineering talent and have a growing market for these DRAM chips. The government is also providing all sorts of assistance, like subsidized land, for the initial setup. Samsung has several options to deter the entry of new Chinese competitors. One option Samsung have is to continue to explore and increase market shares of flash memory markets which is a new and growing market. Samsung can also take advantage by lowering the price of DRAM chips. This would force a price war and drive new

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