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Aneesa Amjad INTRODUCTION 6 SAMSUNG VALUE AND CODE OF CONDUCT 6 Business Principles 7  We promote health and safety. 7  We are a socially responsible corporate citizen. 7  We comply with laws and ethical standards. 7  We maintain a clean organizational culture. 7  We respect customers, shareholders and employees. 7  We care about environment. 7 Samsung Values 8  People 8  Excellence 8  Change 8  Integrity 8  Co-prosperity 8 Samsung Philosophy 9 NEW VISION 9 HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENT 9 Vision and Mission 10 HRD Philosophy 10 JOB ANALYSIS 11 RECRUITMENT 11 Recruitment tools 11 Newspapers: 11 Online Recruitment (e-cruitment): 11 Educational Institutes: 12
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* We maintain a clean organizational culture. * We respect customers, shareholders and employees. * We care about environment.

Samsung Values
Samsung believes that the key to good business is to live by strong values. At Samsung, code of conduct and these core values are at the heart of every decision they make. (Exhibit 1) * People
At Samsung, a company is its people and they are dedicated to giving their people a lot of opportunities to reach their full potential. * Excellence
Everything they do at Samsung is driven by a passion for excellence and a persistent commitment to develop the best products and services on the market. * Change
In today’s world due to globalization, change is constant and innovation is very important for a company’s survival. And Samsung have done that for 70 years, they set their sights on the future, predicting market needs and demands so that they can achieve long term success. * Integrity
The foundation of their business is that they operate in an ethical way. Everything they do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness and respect for all stakeholders. * Co-prosperity
A business cannot be successful if it does not create prosperity and opportunity for others. Samsung is socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizen in every community where they operate around the globe.
Samsung Philosophy
At Samsung, they follow a simple business philosophy: to devote their talent and
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