Samsung Electronics ' Response Analysis

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 Samsung Electronics’ Response

Samsung in its sustainability report 2011 stated, “in 2010 there were no violations of laws and regulations related to child labour and forced labour” (Samsung Electronics, 2011:29). Starting in 2012, it has added an extra section to analyses the supplier CSR, which includes sites auditing, the global supplier ‘Code of Conduct’, and most importantly the health and safety analysis directly linked with the ethics and human rights issues about its employees. The ‘Code of Conduct’ of ‘Labour and Human Rights’ was structured in six main sections: 1. Protection of Minor Workers, 2. Anti-discrimination, 3. Working Hours, 4. Voluntary Work, 5. Wage and Benefits, and 6. Humanitarian Treatment. These guidelines were
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The immediate actions was based on developing a new hiring process, which aims to avoid child labour, and that included personal interviews for every candidate and the technological improvement to detect fake identifications. Actions planned to be implemented by the end of 2012 were about improving, or abolishing the mistreatments that CLW reported. Finally it added its commitments to improve the overtime issue, including financial support and the development of a long-term plan to improve the overall working hour practices.

Samsung Electronics also “recognised the ever-increasing importance of compliance management and set up a dedicated organisation to deal with the issue extensively” (Samsung Electronics, 2013: 54). It hired third-party agencies that were registered with the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) to audit its supplier compliance, which was followed by the supplier evaluation. In the 2014 sustainability report, Samsung Electronics announced the weaknesses of the working conditions based on the surveys completed by the employees in the supplier factories, which 57 per cent of the weaknesses were found in labour and human rights area, and 34 per cent in health and safety.

Regarding the lawsuit from the Brazilian government, Samsung Electronics promised to “conduct a thorough review and fully cooperate with the Brazilian authorities” (Almeida and Kim, 2013). It also added that, “We take great care to provide a workplace
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