Samsung Electronics ' Response Analysis

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 Samsung Electronics’ Response

Samsung in its sustainability report 2011 stated, “in 2010 there were no violations of laws and regulations related to child labour and forced labour” (Samsung Electronics, 2011:29). Starting in 2012, it has added an extra section to analyses the supplier CSR, which includes sites auditing, the global supplier ‘Code of Conduct’, and most importantly the health and safety analysis directly linked with the ethics and human rights issues about its employees. The ‘Code of Conduct’ of ‘Labour and Human Rights’ was structured in six main sections: 1. Protection of Minor Workers, 2. Anti-discrimination, 3. Working Hours, 4. Voluntary Work, 5. Wage and Benefits, and 6. Humanitarian Treatment. These guidelines were then applied to all suppliers in China in order to cope with the issues that Samsung Electronics encountered.

As an immediate response regarding ethical and human rights issues in China, Samsung Electronics published the ‘Corrective Measures of Working Conditions at Supplier Factories in China’ on the ‘Global News’ session. It stated that, “In response to China Labour Watch’s reports on our suppliers, we conducted an audit over a four-week period in September of 105 suppliers that manufacture Samsung products in China, covering more than 65,000 employees” (Samsung Electronics, 2012). Within the publication, it listed the immediate corrective actions that were being implemented as well as the actions that were planned to be completed by…
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