Samsung Electronics : The World's Largest Technology Company

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Samsung South Korean multinational conglomerate Samsung has been ranked as ‘fastest growing’ company in the world according to Interbrand (2003). Same year TaeHo, Vice President of Samsung Group said that brand growing value reflects company’s commitment to invest in its people, products and communities on a global scale (Business Editors, 2003). Since then, with an annual revenue of 327 million dollars, Samsung aims to become a key force in numbers of industries including biotechnology, last expecting to generate sales over 220 billion dollars in next five years (Kanoko M. and Jungah L, 2014). Samsung is focused in multiple industries: Fire & Marine Insurance, Engineering, Heavy Industries, Hotels and Resorts: all these seem unknown by people as it’s not the main power that resides in people’s mind when they hear Samsung. Samsung Electronics Ltd - the world 's largest technology company by sales is seen much in the news lately by being a ‘Titan Industry’ battling Apple in sales of portable digital devices and for instance other chaebols in Asian Industry such as: LG, Lenovo and Hyundai (Goldsborough and Reid, 2013). Coming to its products, Samsung is proud of GalaxyS5 considered by customers thinner and less attractive than Apple’s IPhone 6 which got a superior screen and better multitasking software (Eadicicco, 2014). From a consumer perspective view I’m a Samsung fan however there’s some points that advantage its main competitor Apple. It’s (Apple) domination through the

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