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Samsung vs. Apple - The smartphone wars
John Myers
November 11, 2012
Lawrence W. Daly

Samsung vs. Apple - The smartphone wars
The Samsung Galaxy S has a better operating system than the Apple iPhone, which is why Apple is suing Samsung over infringement rights; greed took over. The smartphone craze was started in 2007, when the Apple Corporation strove to be the next innovative mind in the electronics world. These innovations were followed by greed and a desire to own the market. Samsung and Google wanted a piece of the smartphone market; they released the Android smartphone in 2011. This release is what spawned the lawsuit that still drives on today. Apple vs. Samsung: the war to own the smartphone market.
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The Android operating systems have been refined sense the start of the smartphone invasion. This operating system consists of Android Ice Cream Sandwich that is the fourth in its line. The Galaxy series phones feature an camera that has an 8MP autofocus with LED flash, with live video capture and playback in HD 1080p video capture, and a music player that supports MP3, AAC, AMR, MIDI, WAV, and WMA. Extras include world phone, USB connectivity, and hands-free speakerphone. The dimensions are 5.15x2.75x0.37 inches with a weight of 4.65 ounces. The resolution is 480-by-800 pixels resolution (Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, 2012). There are other specifications included on each of these brands of phones, as can be seen they are fairly similar with the exceptions of the name. Other added applications to both phones can include Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, miscellaneous productivity applications, and both have text messaging and games. The biggest difference is the consumer will decide on the best price and look of the unit. Based on consumer reports, the Android fared better in the marketing scheme; it had better graphics, easier user interface, and all together a better phone (“Smart phones” 2011) (“Smart Phones” 2012). Court Decision’s
With the similarities of the units, the California courts decided that Samsung had infringed upon the rights of Apple. Apple’s request for Samsung’s most popular smartphone and tablets be removed from American markets was

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