Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Model

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Samsung have created the latest model Samsung galaxy S6 edge. This phone has an amazing design, insane display, brilliant camera and amazing features. The Samsung galaxy s6 edge features 5.1 inch curved edge screen. It comes in variety of colours like black, white and blue. It has a really good battery life. 10 minutes charging lets you watch up to 2 hours of HD video.

5. Price
Samsung galaxy S6 edge cost £619.99 in the O2 shop. Samsung competitors the Apple company have released their model of Iphone 6. In the Apple shop the Iphone 6 cost £459. It is cheaper to buy than the Samsung galaxy s6 edge but in performance wise Samsung galaxy is doing much better than the iphone 6. Also Samsung have put deals like pay monthly on the Samsung galaxy s6 edge. So it can be easier for people who cannot afford the full asking price at once to buy this product.

6. Place
You can buy the Samsung galaxy S6 in any store like Samsung store, carphone warehouse, O2 store Phones4u, Vodafone and Amazon.. These shops mainly are in the city centre and in shopping centres to attract mainly upper/middle class customers who are shopping in shopping centre. You can also buy it online on specific phone websites

7. Promotion
Samsung promotes their products on billboards, social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. They promote their products online because customers who are on internet socialising with their friends can see it and they will be reminded.

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