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Would anyone have think about using a smartphone that does not have a flat screen? In this September 2014, Samsung introduced a new type of Samsung Galaxy Note Series called Galaxy Note Edge. It is a smartphone which looks similar to Galaxy Note 4, but has a curved right edge that has its own behavior and purpose. Almost a year has been past already since the Galaxy Note 4 came out. Many Galaxy fans were waiting for this. They even got more excited when Samsung presented their unexpected new Galaxy Note Edge. Now, the Galaxy Note fans are in trouble because they have to choose between Galaxy Note 4, which is reliable and credible, and Galaxy Note Edge, which is fresh and new. Many other mobile companies are paying sharp attention to this new model since the phone looks totally different than previous phones. It might change the market trend completely.
Now, Samsung can be sure that they are one of the major mobile phone markets in the world; the company sold most mobile phone in 2012, accounting for 22 percent of the market. Samsung’s mobile market success starts when the company brings out the idea of brand new touch-screen smartphone in 2008. Samsung releases their first Galaxy S Series, S stand for success, in March 2010 which was the company’s first actual attempt to take on the iPhone; iPhone was the most popular and number one selling smartphone in that time. Later, Samsung becomes success at growing its company as a major mobile company by launching Galaxy S2, S3, and…

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