Samsung Phones And Its Effect On Communication

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My research question was “Why do people 18-24 prefer to have an IPhone rather than Samsung phones and what’s is emoji’s effect on communication.” It is no secret that IPhones are the dominate phone in the world, everywhere you turn you see an IPhone. I did my research to figure out why this is, and what about IPhones are so appealing where everyone has to have one. Me personally think that Samsung phones are better than the IPhone, I think the IPhone is slightly overrated and Samsung phone does everything the IPhone does but also have countless of more features. So being that I own a Samsung I wanted to see why so many people like IPhone and the reason behind it.
My first thoughts of doing this project was instead of doing a
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On a scale of 1-5 how often do you use emoji 's? Do you think emoji’s help or hurt communication? Why or Why not? And Top 3 Features you use on your phone? All these except the scale question was free response.
I surveyed 9 people, the first question I asked them was “What type of Phone do you have?” six out of the 9 participants said the own an IPhone, and participants D, E and H said they owned androids. Participant D has a Samsung Galaxy 6 edge, Participant E has an LG G4 and Participant didn’t specify what type of phone they had, but said it was a Samsung. Participant B, F, and G did not specify on the specific phone they have, B and G both said “IPhone” and F responded “Apple.” Participant A, C and I were both specific on what type of IPhone they have, A has an IPhone 5 and C and I has an IPhone 6. The Do you have a preference?” All the participants except F and I stated that they do have a preference on which type of phone they use, participant F stated that they do not have a preference because “they dislike qualities of both,” because “Apples are made to be replaced,” and “Androids have terrible camera quality.” Participants A, B, C and G all gave a simple response that they prefer IPhones. Participants E, and H both said they prefer androids. Participant D also said they prefer Android, but gave a better description why saying that the reason for their preference is “the customizable and the freedom that I essentially get.” The third question
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