Samsung Strategic Management

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Strategic Management assignment

Question 1

Samsung’s strategic direction is now focused on tapping into the growth of the enterprise market. Given the latest developments as stated in the case, conduct segmentation of the enterprise market and discuss the strategic action plans that Samsung’s could undertake to increase its market share in each of these segments.


Pioneering the Digital Edge

The digital age has brought revolutionary change – and opportunity – to global business, and Samsung has responded with advanced technologies, competitive products, and constant innovations in today’s digital world.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a global leader in technology, opening new possibilities for
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Their recent product is Samsung Galaxy Camera with 3G network allows them to post the photos and edit immediately to their favorite social network. If we noticed all of the Samsung product is allows consumers to seamless share media across devices to make consumer life easier.

Market development.
This involves selling more of your existing product to new markets. The new markets could be geographical – i.e. opening a new store in a new location – Samsung strategy in South East Asia Region by collaborating with Asia giant leading telecommunication company, Axiata Group Berhad. Celcom, subsidiaries under Axiata Berhad Malaysia’s premier mobile operator, runs Sybase 365 Service Delivery Platform “Mobile Wizard”. Sybase 365 offers Celcom a standalone, innovative Mobile/Web Marketing platform which can be used to integrate their existing SMS and MMS-based Game services – with the benefit of just one universal SMS short code - without changes to their existing applications.
They collaborate with Samsung and using the Samsung smart phones whereby all the Samsung smart phone are compatible with SAP Afaria Systems. When Celcom using this SAP Afaria, Samsung become a large partner with Axiata Group Berhad with more benefit like :- • Axiata Group Berhad (formerly known as TM International) • Incorporated on 12 June 1992 • Listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad
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