Samsung : The Largest Multinational Conglomerate Companies

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Samsung is one of the largest multinational conglomerate companies that produce a wide range of products included mobile phones, televisions, computers and more other services. “Samsung Electronics is a global leader in semiconductors, telecommunications and digital media technologies with sales of 143.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2011 and 221,730 employees spread across 72 countries. Samsung has been the world 's largest television manufacturer since 2006 and is the world 's largest producer of LCD panels. The company also has the greatest share of the global market for memory chips. With the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S mobile, the company has taken the lead in global sales figures for smartphones as of 2011.” (Samsung - Statista…show more content…
Samsung listen to customers, and form a market research in order to find out the needs, than will compare with competitor’s strength, and mainly focus on how to improve their product itself. Samsung can increase their brand awareness, and can satisfy customer’s wants and needs, also cut down the cost as well. Moreover, Samsung also adopted the Six Sigma theory, according to Businessdictionary(2014) this theory is a set of techniques in order to process improvement. This technique basically allows Samsung to identifying and removing all the cause of errors. This theory can improve the internal operations. Samsung understand the market is changing quickly, in order to create a more flexible production plan, they imply the APS system ,Margaret Rouse (2009) and all the raw materials and production capacity are just due to meet the demand. The APS system allows Samsung to make fine adjust when there are some sudden changes, for example, machine breakdown, supplier problem, extra order, also allows the company have better understanding and gain more information about the production line, this implement is remarkable, and bring Samsung a great success. 2.3 An evaluation of the company’s operations in terms of the performance imperatives: quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost: Samsung is experiencing the economy of scale, as Samsung has standardize their processes and all the main components part are produced in their headquarter, Korea, this

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