Samsung Vision and Mission

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Company Name: Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is South Korean electronics company headquartered in Suwon, South Korea. It is one of the companies of the Samsung Group. It is considered as the world`s largest information technology company. It employs around 370,000 people approximately and has networks in 88 countries. The current CEO is Kwon Oh-Hyun who started in 2012. Samsung Electronics has been recently manufacturing electronic components such as flash memory and hard drive devices for Apple, Sony, HTC and Nokia. It also plays a vital role in manufacturing mobile devices. Samsung Galaxy is very popular among smart phones. The company, itself, also produces tablet computers, mostly powered by…show more content…
This motto is the Vision 2020. This makes my mind up to tell more about its vision. First, they are very efficient and precise in what they are doing. They basically want to produce innovative products to create solutions for new technological world`s problems. The company simply wants to make everybody's life more convenient and more enjoyable by its products. From this point of view, I can describe the vision: Samsung Electronics wants to inspire communities in the business by its creative solutions and its new technology. The target people are the current and prospective customers who want to ease their lives by using Samsung electronics. Through these plans, the company aims to continue in this business to make Samsung a digital leader and to contribute to a better future by its products. In addition to all, the company look forward to take a place in new areas such as health and medicine. In new markets, they expect to be considered as creative company. Mission of Samsung Electronics Samsung Electronics` mission is not written clearly on their website. However, I can describe it with my own words here. Samsung Electronics is one of the leader electronic companies as subsidiary of Samsung Group since 1988. The main reason why it exists is to produce multi-functional electronics in order to make life easier for people all around the world. The company currently producing new technological devices such as smart phones (Galaxy S3, S4) , tablets
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