Samsung Yemen Lcd Tv & Its Accessories Marketing Plan 2012 - 2015

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SAMPLE MARKETING PLAN FOR SAMSUNG 3D TV “Inspire the world, create the future.” 1.0 Executive Summary Samsung Electronics has proven to the business world that they are one of the most prestigious technology companies in the industry. With more technology advancements than our market can handle at this point and time, Samsung has paved the way for the future in electronics. One of the most popular new “toys” in the market today, is the unbelievable 3D TV. The first 3D TV was launched in March of 2010, and has already had a major impact on the market. Samsung dominated the market, controlling nearly90% of the total share. Samsung’s product, the 9000 series TV, is incomparable to competition with its ultra-thin screen, measuring…show more content…
Mitsubishi is the most recent follower of trends by recently adopting the Smart TV idea and integrating Internet connectivity into the unit. .3 Panasonic Inc. Panasonic, another Japanese company, is another competitor finding its way to the top three market shares in the TV market. Panasonic aims to be the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the Electronics Industry by 2018, the 100th anniversary of their founding. After Samsung initiated an unexpected price war with Panasonic at the opening of the 3D market, they announced an expectancy to miss sales targets for the first year. Demonstrating Samsung’s sound knowledge of good pricing strategies keeping competitors on edge. Panasonic’s premier 3D product differs in the backlight composition, opting to use plasma for the opening of the 3D market. LG Electronics Inc. LG Electronics is a Korean company. LG Electronics Inc., ranking as the world's second-largest maker of flat-screen TVs, said it aims to strengthen its presence in the burgeoning 3D TV market, seeking to grab a share larger than its target for the liquid-crystal display (LCD) TV market. LG is eyeing 25 percent of the global 3D TV market this year, which amounts to 950,000 sales based on an annual market forecast of 3.8million units. That compares with

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