Essay about Samsung and theme park in Korea

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Name: Su Han
Program: M2 Luxury Management Food&Wine
Title of the case: Samsung and theme park industry in Korea

1) “Is the Global theme parks industry an interesting industry to be in?”
a) Rivalry among existing competitors

Is the industry growing rapidly?
Yes,because of the increasingly fierce competition and the maturity of the market.

Do the 4 biggest players have together more than 80% of market share?
Yes, because 4 biggest players which are The Walt Disney Company,Time Warner’s Six Flags Corporation, Paramount, Anheuser Busch and Cedar Fair have together more than 80% of market share.

Diversity of competitors
Are competitors all of approximately the same size?
No,because it depends on the land
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Yes, they have. In some countries, where land was scarce, governments limited the area of the land that the developers could take up for theme parks. Park administration was dependent on the government for utilities such as power, gas and water. A typical period required for arranging government approval for a theme park could be as high as two to five years,depending on the country.

Product differentiation
Are there any proprietary product differences in the industry?
Yes,because the theme park industry had three classes of inputs: the building and construction services that provided landscaping and architectural support; the hardware providers that supplied amusement machinery; and the software providers that supplied management know-how.

Are there any established brand identities?
Yes, because the park manager should work with tour operators and government tourist promotion boards to draw the tourist crowds to their parks. Theme parks spent about 10 per cent of their annual revenues for advertising. Radio, newspaper, yellow page (telephone book) advertisements, family and group discounts, and direct mail were the most common promotional methods.

Do customers incur any significant costs in switching suppliers?
No, because the customers don't care about the price.

Access to channels of distribution
Does a newcomer to the industry face difficulty in accessing distribution channels?
Yes, because theme parks spent about 10 per cent of their
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