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"On every issue, the choice you face won't be just between two candidates or two parties. It will be a choice between two different paths for America."- Barack Obama (Kohan). This is a quote by Barack Obama during his election speech. In a democracy, citizens vote for their own opinions; they vote for what they believe is best for America which is a true democracy. It’s not just two candidates or two parties, they vote for what they believe is best for America. Having rights for freedom of speech and Foreign Employ Rights are very important for establishing a business with a fair democracy. Samsung should expand business and move my family to United States of America. One of the reasons why is the type of government which is a democracy…show more content…
Legislative Branch is the Senate and the House of Representatives. Their main task is to make laws. It’s powers include passing laws, originating spending bills which is done by the House of Representatives, impeaching officials and approving treaties which is done by the Senate. United States is a good form of a government because it checks and balances to limit the power of the branches and people have say in the government. All US citizens are allowed to vote and elect a representative. The US also has no dictatorship of one person, and no one is left out and doesn’t have a say in the government. Also, the citizen’s opinion are implied in the politics. We believe that having our voices heard is a very important factor for a government to function (Congress for Kids) Democratic government which is ruled by United States is better than an Authoritarian government which is ruled by China. China’s government often detains people and does not offer a lawyer unlike the United States. United States does not detain people as much as China and they also offer a lawyer unlike the Chinese. America respects individual rights and property which is the ‘Right to Property’, while on the other side, China does not respect individuals rights and property as much. China exorcised the eminent domain which is the right of the nation to prioritize society’s needs over

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