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Students Brand Preferences Between Apple and Samsung Smartphone INTRODUCTION Smartphone has revolutionized the way we do thing, the role Smartphone play in today’s society is phenomenal. Today’s Smartphone is taking the role of computer, making it possible to do a lot with this small hand held device. It has a broad use such as sharing information, paying for products, browsing, and shopping. Virtually every activity today has a Smartphone application for it. Smartphone can be defined to be a device that enables the user to make telephone call and at the same time has some features that allow the user to do some activities that in the past was not possible unless using a computer or a personal digital assistant (PDA),…show more content…
The benefit of this research extends beyond professional field to academic field. The reason why it was chosen to write about brand preference among students’ is because most student purchases Smartphone, they are enthusiastic about technology. In addition to that, another reason to write about student preference is that they can be accessed easily for interview and questionnaires. 9 This research study compares between two major Smartphone brands, Apple and Samsung. These are the two largest Smartphone brands producers, who are constantly competing and challenging each other and in result of this competition they are providing consumers with best quality and cheaper products.Samsung became the market leader for the yearly term, for the first time Samsung raked 20% global share for the year 2013 while Apple ranked 19% 1.2 THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY This research is intended to describe and analyze student’s preference between Apple and Samsung brands of Smartphone. The prime objective of this report is to compare between Apple and Samsung Smartphone on the basis of their brand components and how different components of brand equity and identity influence students in choosing a particular brand of Smartphone. A good knowledge of students brand preference in Smartphone would help in understanding how brand shape students buying decision and preferences. The

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