Samsung's Local Strategy : SWOT Analysis Of Samsung

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Samsung adopts a local strategy since the firm originates from Korea but operates globally. The products are followed by the local lifestyle even if they are sold globally. However, this does not affect its market reception. For instance, UK consumers due to their high standard of living, have received Samsung Galaxy 8 so well (SDC, 2017). This implies that high-end electronics products are in demand. 2.4 Technological Forces Samsung is one of the most innovative firms in the world as they keep updating their own products and versions. UK workforces also enjoy state-of-the-art skills and proficiency in Science and IT. The UK similarly supports effective laws related to the intellectual property rights, so if Samsung updates its technology and patents it, it remains safe. 3. SWOT Analysis 3.1 Strength Samsung is one of the biggest company in the world for technology products such Mobile, TV, Laptop, Home Appliances. It serves telecommunication industry through various products (Samsung-UK, 2017, 2). Its innovative range of smartphones has made it one of the highest mobile seller companies in the world. It not only has a wide range of various electronics products but also serves as a company who enjoy turnkey solutions projects. In the last few years, it has developed into a globally recognized brand. The strength of Samsung lies in its innovative capacity like the first introduction of dual screen smartphone or introduction of unique notepad, the lightest one. For general
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