Samsung's Marketing Strategy

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Samsung's Marketing Strategy Introduction Marketing strategy is the technique applied by a company or an organization to introduce its products in to the market targeting a specific niche in the market. It is a plan that details all the intended activities to deliver the set objectives within a certain time frame to be able to tap into the identified market. Marketing strategy is a process that involves conducting a well calculated market research to identify what the customers need and focus on satisfying those needs with an aim of making a reasonable profit in the long run for the benefit of the company. Samsung Electronics is a multinational electronics and information company with the headquarters in South Korea that has several assembly plants and sales networks across the world. In a market previously dominated by other electronic giants such as Sony and several other brands, it has strived to become the number one leader in providing superior products overtaking the rest in the industry. It has been the leader in manufacturing superior TV sets with the latest technology and a leader in the production of the latest smart phones staying ahead in innovations and providing highly competitive products in terms of pricing. In a market flooded by electronic appliances, a proper marketing strategy has to be put in place for a company to be able to penetrate the market and capture a reasonable market share which Samsung has worked on for years to achieve. One of the
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