Samuel Adams : The Founding Of The U.s.

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Erin Koss
U.S. Government, 6th
Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams Many people have heard of John Adams, however, far fewer people know of his also famous cousin Samuel Adams. Samuel Adams was one of America’s founding fathers, and is also known for many of his other contributions to the upbringing of modern day America. Throughout this paper, I will be telling you why I chose to write about Samuel Adams, his life, and his notable contributions to the founding of the U.S., as well as their significance. First, I chose Samuel Adams to write my essay on due to the fact that throughout learning about the founding fathers, it came to my attention that we have never learned about him in the past. As for some of the other founding fathers, such as
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Because of his wealth, he was ranked number five in a class of twenty at Harvard College. Many people found this ironic due to the fact that he was caught in public drinking underage as well as being late for Morning Prayer on multiple occasions.
While Samuel was in college, his father, along with other investors, tried to start a Land Bank in Massachusetts. This Land Bank was very popular for a short period of time, until the British Parliament decided they were opposed to it. Due to this, they shut the Land Bank down, leading the Adams family into bankruptcy. This affected Samuel profoundly. People don’t know if it was because of his hostility or the opposition to British law in the colony. Because his parents had no more money to support him at college, he was forced to work at the University to make up for the lack of money. Later, in 1748, Samuel inherited a very large estate along with his father’s brewery business when his parents passed away. He was left with a number of lawsuits from the Land Bank controversy. This was hard for him to take care of, and pay for because of the little income he had from his current government job. (“Family”) In 1749, Samuel Adams married the daughter of his Pastor named Elizabeth Checkley. The couple had six children all together, but sadly only two survived to adulthood, Samuel Jr. and Hannah. Oddly enough,
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