Samuel Adams : The Founding Of The U.s.

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Erin Koss
U.S. Government, 6th
Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams Many people have heard of John Adams, however, far fewer people know of his also famous cousin Samuel Adams. Samuel Adams was one of America’s founding fathers, and is also known for many of his other contributions to the upbringing of modern day America. Throughout this paper, I will be telling you why I chose to write about Samuel Adams, his life, and his notable contributions to the founding of the U.S., as well as their significance. First, I chose Samuel Adams to write my essay on due to the fact that throughout learning about the founding fathers, it came to my attention that we have never learned about him in the past. As for some of the other founding fathers, such as Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. Everyone knows who they are along with what they accomplished for the United States. Samuel Adams was born in Boston on September 27th, 1722, to Samuel Adams Sr. and Mary Fifield. Samuel came from a large family with eleven siblings. Only two of them lived past their third birthdays. He was born into a very wealthy and prominent family that had extremely high expectations for him. Due to his families’ religious beliefs, religion played a huge role in his education. In his parent’s eyes he was meant to be a minister of the church, but he felt that politics would be the right path for him. Samuel received the best education money could buy. First, going to Boston Latin School to learn…
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