Samuel Johnson's Argument In Favor Of Corporal Punishment

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“There is now less flogging in our great schools than formerly, but then less is learned there; so that what the boys get at one end they lose at the other.” Samuel Johnson wrote that in 1775. I assume Mr. Johnson was a supporter of corporal punishment. The comment above gives proof, that there have been differences expressed regarding child-rearing styles for centuries; this is not a new subject. It sort of debunks the older generation when they say, “In my day, children could get spanked and the parents would not receive any heat for it!” I heard my grandfather scream those words before, while he watched the local news. There is much to say for corporal punishment – according to an article provided by CNN, research found, “Corporal punishment…show more content…
The interview went as such, “How do you discipline your children?” Pam Voorheez stated, “I do not discipline my youngest, since she does not know right for wrong. I do discipline my oldest though – he gets spanked when he does something wrong, and immediately after sits in timeout. I do not tolerate disrespect in my house!” I nodded and continued with the interview. “Do you feel the need to explain your reasoning for his punishment, or the policies you have implemented in your home?” The mother bellowed, “No! I am the adult and he is the kid.” My last open question asked what her attitude was towards corporal punishment. She stated, “If the situation calls for it, then it should be…show more content…
I was raised with a belt hanging from my doorknob, so I know how it feels – so I can say that I do not approve of it, but I don’t judge people that do it.” The rest of my interview consisted of the “Agree/disagree” answered questions: Society would be better if parents were stricter with their kids – Disagree. Children need to learn early who the boss is in the family – Disagree. The parent should be a controlling force until the child can make his/her own mind up –Disagree. Children should have freedom to do as they like – Disagree. Punishment should be reasonable and fair, regardless of behavior –

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