Samuel Truett Cathy Research Paper

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Samuel Truett Cathy was born on March 14, 1921 to joseph and Lilla Cathy. Cathy credited most of his childhood to all of his success today. His father who was an insurance salesman and mother who also provided financial support by renting a house and took in boarders were beaten up financially and emotionally by the low and income they were receiving and the Great Depression. With his father always gone working, Cathy looked to his mother for support. Cathy pitched in by selling Coca-Cola, paper routes, and doing other jobs. In Cathy’s adult years, He served in the military to help his parents out. Soon after getting out Cathy opened “Dwarf Grill” in Hapeville in 1946. In 49’ he married his wife Jeanette McNeil and later the couple had three kids; Dan, Don, and Trudy. …show more content…

That product was the pressure cooked chicken breast sandwich. Cathy always wanted to add chicken to his menu at the Dwarf Grill but knew that cooking chicken the traditional way would take too long for his customer’s needs. Cathy often thought about his mother’s way of cooking chicken and remembered she but chicken in a pan and covered the top to apply some type of pressure. He noticed that this method of cooking chicken was faster and still kept the chicken moist and tender. Cathy knew that this is what he wanted but he knew it would take a lot of trial and error and a lot of experimenting. From putting the chicken on a buttered up bun instead of putting the meat on a plate by itself to 20 different ingredients and four years of experimentations and taste testing, the customers finally said “We like it. Don’t change it again.” Cathy was finally getting

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