Essay on Samurais and Honorable Suicide

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Death, its such an unexpected thing that happens to everyone at some point in their life. Some people die old, some go young. Others go without warning, just disappear from our lives without explanation. No letter, note or goodbye, they just leave us to never return. Death, or in this situation suicide, where you may never know why they did it. Just left with loose ends that will never be tied up. For others its a glorious thing, they accept it as a way of life or something that has to be done to “save” them or their family. Suicide is looked at differently in a particular cultures compared to how other cultures do. The samurais see it as honor to them or their loved ones after dishonoring them. To them its not something to be feared but…show more content…
This might seem absolutely outrageous to most people but in Japan this was a respected decision that Kenzo made. When the village found out kenzo had died they closed off his shop and covered his body. There was a ceremony held in his honor to remember him as the great man he was. Kenzo was respected for the decision to take his life, they understood why he did what he did and didn’t question a thing about it. The japanese are not like most people when it comes to suicide, they accept and understand the actions of that person. Larissa MacFarquhar gives a great example of how the Japanese view suicide in their culture: The idea there is that one can take responsibility for the situation of your life by committing suicide. If, say, you are the wage earner of a family and you are in unrecoverable debt, you can commit suicide, and the thought is that that is an honorable way out, that rather than evading your responsibility, you've taken responsibility. You've admitted it is my fault, and I'm going to punish myself for it. (Larissa MacFarquhar) This quote gives a very good description of how the japanese think when it comes to committing suicide. She explains that they think if they're in a stuck position like being in debt that you can commit suicide and you will be seen as taking the honorable way out Honor has always been a big part of the japanese culture. Especially back in the days of the
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