San Antonio 4 : The Consequences Of The Salem Witch Trials

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In Salem, Massachusetts there was a woman named Tituba who was a slave from barbados, and she practiced witchcraft, and there were these girls who were fascinated by it. Until one day, when the girls were barking, crawling, and twitching for no apparent reason, and they were confronted by people. They were asked who was doing this to them and they named three women, and from this point on, death was arriving to many people. A man named Samuel Parris was Reverend and his daughter, a child, said Tituba-his slave, bewitched her. He took it upon himself to beat her until she confessed to doing it, taking his child's word without a doubt. Soon after, two out of the three women were hanged, but before they were killed they were forced to confess supposed witches and more bewitched girls. Time goes by and now there is one hundred and fifty men, women, and children arrested for accusations made by these women. After this happened statements were made toward the colonies leader’s wife, these statements were of her being a witch. As a response he immediately broke up the court in Salem he then demanded the rest of the arrested people (which includes Tituba because she was held captive for thirteen months) be freed, but by then there were nineteen people who were hanged. In the video, the San Antonio Four, which include Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera, Kristie Mayhugh, and Anna Vasquez, are arrested for two young girls claiming they gang raped them. The girls were
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