San Bernardino Terrorist Attacks Case

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Apple vs the Government agency (FBI) in the San Bernardino Terrorist attacks case. Ethics and Morality are defined as the distinction of right and wrong. On the other hand morals are also largely based on the social values of “good and bad.” However, people tend to define them as the standards and customs that guide the way of life towards good. In most cases of ethics and morality they are referring to acts of both good and bad deeds. Nonetheless, in a recent case with the FBI vs. the Government against Apple Inc. Company arose one of the key moral issues in the business world. Apple refused to offer a backdoor to one of the iPhones considered to be of the terrorists. The ethical issue involved two genuine values; privacy and security. …show more content…

For example some officials claim that this software is necessary for their investigation of the San Bernardino shootings. After this incident that happened in San Bernardino, the company was asked to release a software update that would make it easier for the FBI to guess the iPhone’s password. This change would not only have led to the backdoor to millions of iPhone users and expose a lot of their privacy but it would also allow to the government the potential power to unlock any iPhone in possession. The true moral dilemma for the Apple Company was deciding whether to help the FBI break into the terrorist phone or protect their user’s privacy. This is especially hard because Apple is a company that has been known for protecting its user’s privacy, keeping this in mind the company did what was moral right for their customers and refused to follow the FBI’s proposal. Tim Cook the CEO of apple had stated in his letter their customers; “We are challenging the FBI’s demands with the deepest respect for American democracy and a love of our country. We believe it would be in the best interest of everyone to step back and consider the implications.” The ethical or moral issue in this case was whether apple did the right thing by protecting its customer’s …show more content…

Apple mentioned also in their letter to their customers that they were against terrorism. They continued to state that as a company they did everything in their power to help the FBI in investigating this case and catch these criminals. However, Apple did not want to risk its customer’s privacy because it was found that most apple product users store data such as private conversations, photos, music, notes, calendars and contacts, financial information and health data in their devices. Since Apple operates their company based on certain values – one of them being safeguarding their customer’s data, this prompted decision to deny the FBI the software or “backdoor that would’ve risked the privacy of millions of iPhone users. The FBI however is willing to do just about anything to solve a case, one that especially involves serious criminals investigates. Keeping this in mind you can see why the FBI refused to think morally in favor of Apple and how this backdoor software would’ve tarnished the reputation and decreased business for this company. However it is concluded both of these parties did what was ethically right for their independent situations, but as you can see what is ethically right for one situation is not necessarily right for another

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