San Diego Convention Center 's Strategic Approach For Sustainability

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“To get a sense of what is possible and perhaps even advisable in the sustainability realm requires benchmarking against a set of companies that have taken a leadership position on environmental or social issues—or against an established set of sustainability best practices.” (Esty & Simmons, 2011) Because the LEED certification is the most popular certification amongst IAVM members including convention center facilities, benchmarking and actively working to be certified using these standards has been the San Diego Convention Center’s strategic approach to sustainability. This method provides a foundation for the San Diego Convention Center to understand what is being done by competitors and what the key performance indicators are of sustainability.

However, as mentioned before, sustainability includes the elements of economic, social/cultural, and environmental sustainability. This report will therefore address the LEED certification as well as the areas of economic and social/cultural sustainability from the Green Globe certification. (Green Globe Certification, 2016)

LEED Certification

Below is the SDCC LEED Scorecard for the renewal submitted in October 2016 for Version 3 with an upgrade to Gold.

There are seven areas which the LEED certification divides actionable steps. These include sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation in design, and regional priority. Each area is

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