San Diego : Social Advocates For Youth Program Essay

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The SAY San Diego: Social Advocates for Youth program is a dynamic nonprofit organization that strives to make a difference for the children, families, and communities in San Diego. In 1971, SAY San Diego was established with only "one paid employee, a budget of $1,500, and the goal of providing prevention services to struggling youth" which currently has touched more than 70,000 individuals annually (Mission & Vision). Today, this organization has evolved into an agency that works with "more than 30 programs strengthening the whole child, whole family, and whole community (Mission & Vision).
SAY San Diego tends to address the needs of the entire individual and family network instead of focusing on one problem. The organization wants to create a positive change between the community and several systems including, law enforcement, schools, and the local government as they work collaboratively. SAY San Diego provides several core services to the children, family, and community. Several of these services include: access to health care, employment and self-sufficiency, alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse prevention, before and after school programs, preschools and school readiness, child abuse prevention and family support, collaborative partnerships for military families, refugee/immigrant families, students, parents and more, juvenile delinquency prevention and diversion. SAY San Diego is a 501 (c)(3) charitable tax-exempt organization, therefore, they are funded by city
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