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San Fermines is a religious and popular festival, which takes place in Pamplona, the capital of Navarra. The festivities take place from 6 to 14 July, and are full of different activities, although the best-known are those that are related to bulls, such as confinement. The origin of the festival dates back to the Middle Ages, celebrated as religious functions, in honor of San Fermín. Legend has it that San Fermín was a Pamplona bishop settled in France, who worked several miracles throughout his life. Because of the cult he was getting, he was ordered to be incarcerated and finally Degollaran. The news about San Fermín did not arrive in Pamplona until the 12th century, when the religious activities began in his honor. The festival was held on November 10th, but it was requested to change the date due to the temporary mal in autumn. It…show more content…
It is a rocket that launches as the opening of the festivities, then, the people knot the famous red scarf in the neck, representing the decapitation of San Fermín. From that moment on they live 9 days of celebration without rest. The closures, so it is better known this party, occur from the 7th to the 14th of July every morning at 8. This is a fast and tense race, which aims to move the Bulls, running ahead of them, to the bullring, where they will deal in the afternoon. Due to the multitude of people who come every year the security has been increased so that the closures and the parties can pass with tranquility. We found during the nine days we found activities like the Fiesta del Toro; Composed of bullfights every afternoon, religious acts; Vespers, procession and octave, festivals and music, sports and children's activities ... And to all this you must add the constant main fiesta of the San Fermines, the party in the street, the party of the people, without programming and accompanied by the Peñas and the
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