San Francisco Prices

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• Food industry experienced price gains , the shrimps, but sustained price declines in other items, such as beef and coffee.
• The prices for brand-name drugs tended as producers tried before which maximize revenue a possible increase in competition from generic brands .
• prices of some construction-related inputs confirmed , including wood, insulation, and asphalt. A few contacts mentioned slight worries about deflation prospects.
Wages :
• Observed wage increases of 2 percent to 3 percent in 2013 and predicted a similar increase in 2014.
• Above-average wage growth in certain metropolitan areas , especially those who have experienced the robust employment growth in recent months .
• High- skilled workers in the technology industry experienced relatively strong wage increases .
Retail and services
Despite a brief holiday shopping season in 2013, reported that many retailers holiday retail sales rose more than in 2012. However, also noted that the level of activity in 2013 exceeded that in 2012. Traditional brick and mortar retailers faced tough competition from contacts online providers , and in-store sales were soft in terms of online sales . Sales of home furnishings were robust , but the sale of electronics, such as TVs, PCs and cameras were weaker than in recent years . Some contacts expect the personal computer market to stabilize in…
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