San Isidro Elementary School Computerized Grading System (Sies-Cgs)

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Chapter 1
Researches in learning assessment, especially in terms of academic performance, have long criticized traditional rating schemes that provide feedback to students. Because learning is multi-faceted, most critiques of such formats tend to see these as superficial and inadequate arguing that they tend to cover only the areas in learning that are widely rated, leaving other areas in learning under-assessed. As a result, different systems were proposed and varying rating structures were employed by different schools in the country such as point system averaging and weighted averaging. This school year, the Department of Education (DepEd) will be using a new grading system in public elementary and high schools in
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The framework also covers the identification of common problems encountered by the school regarding the existing systems that process their data.
1.1.3. Parts of the Conceptual Framework
a. System Specifications. Includes identifying existing problems regarding the data processing and generation of the grades of the school. This produces functionality that the proposed system should provide, which describes functions the system should perform, the logic that processes the data, what data is stored and used by the system, and how user environment should work. This should result to a program that the school desires and how this program will work and be implemented.

b. Data Gathering. This involves getting relevant and related data from the school that will undergo design proposal. Data gathering was assorted in tree features namely: Background Research, Existing I.T. Infrastructure, and Process Interrelationship.

i. Background Research: Includes school’s profile, their current status and the common problems they encounter with their existing grading system, and its effect on the proficiency and integrity of their data.

ii. Existing I.T. Infrastructure: Includes existing computer units/terminals (if any) and the hardware and software components that can be a factor in design proposal.

iii. Process Interrelationship: Contains processes involve in the existing grading system and their relation to each other.

c. Analyzation. Covers

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