San Latinos Essay

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So, through this, it shows that Latinos tend to be on a lower economic status than white Americans. As shown in Making the San Fernando Valley, “On one end of the valley [the west side], gated mansions and old ranch houses still preside over well-groomed neighborhoods; on the other side [the east side], some residents still don’t have sewer hookups or streetlights. On the west side of the Valley, a majority of residents are white, whereas on the east side, just one third are; West Valley residents also earn five thousand dollars more per year…. Educational achievements reflect similar discrepancies.” (Barraclough L. B., 2011). Proven within this quote, white Americans are situated in better communities within the city of San
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So, that Latinos may progress in helping their communities and race to move forward in bettering their lives, education, and in having access to more amenities. Actually, in 2013, Palmdale had violated the state voting laws that impeded Latinos and blacks from winning office. In the Los Angeles Times, it is mentioned that there is only one Latino City Council yet no black council member. (Frank Shyong, Abbey Sewell and Joseph Serna, 2013). It is just one of many examples that happens to minorities in Palmdale. It shows how Palmdale still hasn’t fully immersed itself in diversifying itself when it comes to official positions in city and council. Also, Palmdale is similar to San Fernando, in which, Latinos tend to live in the east side more often than whites; therefore, having less income and less amenities, like parks, transportation, and attending better schools that have more funded programs. (Data USA: Palmdale, CA, n.d.). Much of this information comes from the year 2015. Both cities compare through the ethnic relations in where minorities come from a lower class, struggling financially, having less of an education, and living in areas where poverty is high. The contrast from city is that the population numbers differ, people living in Palmdale have a lower income; thereby, Palmdale has a higher poverty rate than San Fernando as a whole. San Fernando has
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