San Luis Obispo History Center

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San Luis Obispo History Center: Walking up to the San Luis Obispo History center was confusing at first, seeing the free library sign caught me off guard but the inside was different than I expected. This was my first time at the center and I always figured that it was just another random house that was built on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo, but what I found inside was actually quite interesting. The employee at the center was actually quite insightful and discussed how the center is changing and bringing a new exhibit to the center every 6 months. Looking through the exhibits some of the information brought forward was quite interesting. Learning what clothing was worn throughout previous years was very interesting. Seeing…show more content…
This includes having general exhibits that ranged over multiple time periods of San Luis Obispo having very specific details about the trending clothing. There was also a more recent exhibit about the internment of Japanese citizens during the period of WW2. The exhibits had big posters that stood out to catch the viewer’s eye then more detailed artifacts to really give perspective. I thought the layout of the center was well put together in a fashion that showed a lot so you could learn a lot, but didn’t have too much so a viewer wouldn’t get lost within the exhibits. The only thing I could think about changing would be the outside appearance. With only one sign outside it’s hard to attract anyone that’s not specifically looking for it. If I was passing through San Luis Obispo and stopped at the History Center, leaving I would think that San Luis Obispo used to be one of the major stops in the rural central coast community. It was mentioned about how much of an influence farming and agriculture was around San Luis Obispo, but how there were still wealthy landowners around the poorer natives of the
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