San Pedro College Case Study

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San Pedro College Case Study San Pedro College Background San Pedro College is found in a rural secluded area in Mission Ridge, CA. San Pedro College (SPC) is a whole body institution that promotes community integration and unity by providing undergraduate and graduate level studies. Despite the honorable core goal of SPC to increase education level in this piece of land, money is an essential factor in determining the outcome benefits. SPC has limited sources of income causing the capital improvements to stay low, this problem reflected negatively on the operating core of SPC, faculty and staff, and was the leading cause of low compensation. Low compensation has affected the performance of these faculty and staff, depriving their morale energy. The institution is lost, no serious effort toward addressing the financial difficulty has been conducted, which is by far worse than the financial difficulty itself. As was stated in SPC campus newspaper, “Hope is Not a Strategy”, which reflects the atmosphere of the surrounding environment. Absence of plans will only drive the institution to lose its most allies faculty and staff. Therefore, SPC most effective and talented faculty and staff are seeking a way out. Lighthearted efforts to increase productivity, performance rate, and morale started in 2002 through the creation of a Faculty Distinction Program (FDP) followed by the Staff Performance Excellence Program (SPEP) in 2003. However, the
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