SanJuanCapistranoWindshieldSurvey Theresa And Sue Final Essay

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San Juan Capistrano Windshield Survey
Susan Groh, R.N. and Theresa Laurente, R.N.
Vanguard University

A windshield survey of a San Juan Capistrano community in the zip code area of 92675 (see Figure 1, Appendix) was performed to get a sense of neighborhood characteristics and to assess the area for opportunities to improve the health of the community (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2012). There was a focus on the Los Rios Street neighborhood (see Figure 2, Appendix) in the central part of the city where a high number of low-income Hispanics/Latinos live (United States Census Bureau [U.S. Census Bureau], 2012).
Statistical Information
The city of San Jun Capistrano had an estimated population of 35,123 on 2011. The
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San Juan Capistrano has 8 parks plus a new state of the art sports park located in Camino del Avion next to the Boys and Girls Club, community center and community garden (see Figures 4-7, Appendix). The most prominent church in the area is Mission San Juan, a major tourist attraction. Crime rate in 2011 decreased compared to the previous year, from 544 to 504 incidents. Majority of the crime reported were larceny (San Juan Capistrano, CA, 2012).
Windshield Survey
On Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m., the Los Rios Street neighborhood of San Juan Capistrano was relatively quiet with some young Hispanic adults waiting at, and walking to a bus stop. Many young Hispanic children were playing outside in the front yards, sidewalks, and alleys. Middle aged and older adults were out walking, and several groups of bicyclists (probably not from the neighborhood) were riding down the main roads. While driving through the streets and alleys, four garage sales were noted. The appearance of the residential areas varied between neighborhoods, however, most homes and yards were well maintained. In some of the less affluent neighborhoods there appeared to be more brown patches and dead grass in the yards, but most properties were in good condition. The streets were free from trash, and the alleys with garage entrances were the only areas where litter was noted. Many of the male residents were repairing their cars in the alleys

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