Sanctioned by the Governmenr

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Economic sanctions place restrictions on targeted activities that relate to specific countries, people, corporations, goods and services. Autonomous sanction regimes are used by governments to fulfil certain foreign policy aims. The aims of sanctions are: to punish those responsible (such as restricting access to international financial markets or by implementing bans on international travel); to influence those responsible or those with political weight to amend the behaviour of their State (by inclining them to implement new policies); and to minimise the consequences of the situation (by restricting access to funding, goods or services which may further the aggressor’s actions).
Political Context – Ukrainian & Crimean Protests
Economic sanctions against Russia and Ukraine were the result of actions taken by authorities which began late 2013. On November 21 2013 anti-government protests commenced in Kiev voicing opposition to then Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich’s decision to abandon an economic aid and debt restructuring offer from the European Union (EU) in favour of closer ties with Moscow. After three months of protests which spread nation-wide, sensing the domestic urgency and international pressure to resolve the crisis, Ukrainian politicians on…
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