Sanctions And The Level Of Sanctions

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Within traditional societies there are certain concepts that we deem as inappropriate or negative. These things we negatively sanction and the level of sanction is dependent upon the different level of violation. These guiding rules are called folkways, mores, taboo, and sometimes laws. These serve as guiding paths for which people attempt to follow. Each of these are sanctioned in different ways and are commonly expected to be followed. One important thing to remember is that many things are found to be based around a bell shape curve known as a normal distribution. There is the average but there are always people that deviate from the average. This is where we find these norms broken. The loosest norm is the folkway. Folkways are adaptations a society makes so ad to survive in its environment in the loosest of sense. These can be as simple as tying a shoe a certain way so as to promote less tripping. As the broadest range they are the hardest to define but it is key to remember that they are the lowest level of norms. As such they will have the lowest level of negative sanctions when broken. This level can be deemed an annoyance or socially awkward when broken. Quick glances away, frowns, creating further distance from the disturber of the peace; these are commonly how this level is sanctioned when broken. If a person is talking at an inappropriate volume level for a situation people give funny looks and will possibly attempt to reprimand and correct the action;

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