Sanctions : Foreign Policy Tools

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Sanctions are foreign policy tools which are utilised by the member states and are recent development in the European Union. Where there are certain examples where organisation or a firm or people who breach sanctions either deliberately or accidently , This is called Breaching sanctions and can be done by any one and will also be facing charge for breaching such sanctions either with fine or both fine and imprisonment .Sanctions are also enforcement measures to maintain international peace and security. They involve economic orders and sanctions which guide not to use any armed force in international military action. There are also other sanctions which involve economic, trade, travel ban, arms, and financial sanctions. Governments often rely up on the companies and reports made by them of financial breaches that have occurred. In US the system of banks reporting about any potential infringement to (OFAC).Where as in the recent EU regulations, it is mentioned that all the transactions involving in purchasing on oil and petroleum products in Iraq must be reported. Business try to prevent breach of sanctions by either of one, Due diligence, licences, notifications and authorisations, Review old transactions which could result in breach and check records on time. There is no legal definition of sanctions in Public International Law. Where it can merely understood by the expression, that it gives directions to any political entity or any other in order to make them or restrain
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