Sanctuary Short Story

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Your mind is a sanctuary. You control your thoughts, your decisions, your motives. Your mind is a sanctuary. Mine is an abattoir.
From what it looked like, i was in an endless hallway. It was pitch-dark, all that met my eyes was complete darkness. I almost laughed. Compared to all the other things my mind had shown me, an endless hallway was nothing. I walked briskly, which soon turned into a jog. A few more minutes of that and then i was running, my limbs pumping with all the effort to propel me forward. Heart racing, and my breaths coming out in heavy gasps, i continued onward without stopping. I ran for hours, I ran for days. But nothing happened. I wished for atleast some company, or better yet, for this to be over. But nothing happened.
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My family was nowhere to be found. I rummaged frantically through the debris as I was tormented by terrified thoughts that rushed through my head like a raging hurricane. Those screams had belonged to the people surrounding me, but a new terrified scream wafted by my ears, and i realized that this one had erupted from my own clogged-up throat. My vision blurred as my eyes pooled up with moisture, and streams of tears cascaded down my squalid cheeks. I could do anything for this to be over, for all of it to be over. The dreams. The visions. Everything. I wished for an end, and escape: I couldnt take this anymore.

It was then that pangs of pain travelled through my body, and as i felt the course material of my jeans wetten up, I knew the end had come.Putrid stench wafted by my nose, which grew stronger and stronger and soon turned into a rotten one. I had wished for an end, and my brain had finally granted my wish. Terrified thoughts soon turned into lackadaisical ones and i breathed a sigh of relief.

The light, a virtual collection of hues of maniacal, triumphant laughter aimed towards me, soon faded into peaceful darkness. And I faded into
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