Sanctuary Soft Proposal Essay

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Introduction to proposal
Sanctuary Soft, a young started up security software company in United Stated is planning to expand to overseas due to the need of providing the worldwide service to its client and the pressure by its shareholder. After the meeting between the company’s CEO and larger shareholders, they are distressed in whether stay in the US market or expand overseas. The four potential countries favour by Sanctuary Soft in its expansion plan included China, India, Germany and United Kingdom. In order to select a proper country for Sanctuary Soft’s first foreign expansion, this report will provide a detail explanation regard to the motivation of the first internationalization of Sanctuary Soft; the market opportunity of four
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According to the data, the Internet and computer user in China and India is much less than Germany and United Kingdom, which means that the market opportunity of Germany and United Kingdom should be higher than China and India. Thus in term of market opportunity, both United Kingdom and German are the potential country for Sanctuary Soft to explore.

Talent supply
In the talent supply aspect, Sanctuary Soft needs both science and engineering graduate to support its technology transfer and innovation. However, since China and India are lack of talent in the engineering area, therefore it is unsuitable to choose either China or India for its first step for internationalization, as the market is lack of technology and innovation support. Thus, Germany and United Kingdom seems more suitable for Sanctuary Soft due to its bunch of science and engineering talent supply in the market.
Compare to United Kingdom and Germany, United Kingdom seems more suitable than Germany to become the first place for the Sanctuary Soft’s internationalization. It is because United Kingdom got more science and engineering talent supply and lower wage rate even the market opportunity of these two countries are the same, thus United Kingdom seems a best country for Sanctuary Soft’s to go first compare to the other three countries.

Reasonable strategy takes by Sanctuary Soft’s
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